Hunt: Showdown - A Hunter's desk

Lars sowig a hunters desk
Lars sowig shot 14 2

Realtime Capture_1

Lars sowig shot 14 3

Realtime Capture_2

Lars sowig shot 14 4

Realtime Capture_3

Marketing shot I produced at Crytek for
Goal was to create an interactive table where the user can find clues and hidden messages about the game.
The game is currently in Closed Alpha and already went "Most Watched Game" on Twitch on January 30th.

Under the art direction of Lead Concept Artist Artem Shumnik I set up the entire scene and lighting using CryEngine V and composed all available assets from the game. The assets were created by the incredibly talented artists from Crytek. Using the CryTiff pipeline I replaced some textures of the paper sheets to have Ina Koos' amazing Illustrations in this real time setting. No lights were baked and everything stood dynamic. Special thanks to Lead Environment Artist Marcel Shaika and Sr Environment/Weapon Artist Alexander Asmus for helping me to access certain assets for the project.