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BF2042 Weapon - Rorsch MK-4 (Railgun)
Art Director - Pascal Eggert and David Olofsson
I was given full trust to work on a "bit-more-out-there"- design for the already futuristic Battlefield 2042 vision;
kept the material contrast low because this is how imagined it to really look like, very close to two-toned.

I was also involved in figuring out how new gameplay mechanics could apply with different capacitor- and ammunution types combined to create unique weapon behaviour like charged up single shots vs burst medium range sprays for instance. So I also designed a bunch of magazine- and barrel designs for this weapon.

The renders you can see above were all made after the fact including the UI. I was not involved in texturing and the UI of the displayed ingame model eventually. I only handed over my 3d files during production but I am extremely happy how the team converted this. Videos and Screenshots attached are from Season 03 Release.